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Since 2000, I have been working as a community photographic artist.
Alongside individuals, artists, groups and organisations, I have created and have been involved in many workshops. I have also documented the work of others. It has been a privilege to listen, and help facilitate other people's ideas and specific experiences.
As a hangover from the Covid pandemic, my community work has been less but is beginning to build once more.

I have been concentrating on my personal projects and working towards Oxford Artweeks each year.

I continue to explore 'perception' especially from the viewpoint of the individual who faces a different reality. This plays into other themes such as truth, misunderstandings, disorientation, transition, mystery and a longing for stillness in the mind. I enjoy combining my images with words and poems. The images tend to capture what I can see through my lens. Usually very little editing is done in post -production.

You can see more images on Instagram: judiephotolight
I have exhibited regularly in Oxford and Oxfordshire.