I left Primary teaching in 1998 to study, gaining an HND Photography Diploma in 2003 and a Fine Art BA Honours Degree in 2004. During my study period and since I have worked with many groups and individuals in the community who, for a variety of reasons, may feel marginalised. Most associations, some have lasted several months, have culminated in Exhibitions (some of which are listed in this website).

Part of my art practice has led me to ask questions about people's percepetion of reality and how we choose as individuals, rather than as groups, to identify ourselves. Inevitably my community experiences inform my artistic expression. How can I creatively involve the people I meet, break down my own stereotypical views and dissolve barriers that may exist between viewer and subject? Sometimes I document our experience together, sometimes I am the facilitator for their ideas and feelings through their own photographic expression.

Ultimately I wish, in collaboration with the people concerned, to convey some of their particular experiences using images, video, audio and writing. This is done in a sensitive, intuitive, reflective way, which above all respects the dignity of the individual. The community work has been achieved by working with support groups, through commissions, and residences.

Another part of my practice is photographing the work of other artists and designing business cards, postcards and flyers for them.

Contact: judie5538@gmail.com