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I left Primary teaching in 1998 to study, gaining an HND in Photography in 2003 and a Fine Art BA Honours Degree in 2004.

During my study period, and since, I have worked with many groups and individuals in the community. I have created exhibitions and workshops, either individually or jointly with other artists. In workshops, we delve into the ways photography/art can convey some of the participants’ particular experiences and ideas.

I have also regularly documented community occasions especially theatre, dance, other artists’ workshops and musical events.

My personal artwork often explores mental health issues and there are recurring themes such as changing perception, disorientation, misunderstanding, transition, mystery and stillness.
By the way I combine images, words and poetry, I can direct the narratives presented to the viewer.
The images capture what I saw through my lens. Very little is done in post- production work.

I have exhibited regularly in shows in Oxford and Oxfordshire.