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Response to Transition

The community side of this project is described in more detail below.
I initiated this project because of my experience of watching my brother move from life towards death due to illness. My images were a visual poem about my grieving process; the whole project was dedicated to his memory.  Here are 6 of 25 images which were exhibited as a visual poem.

Response to Transition large photo

Together with artists, Claire Christie Sadler and Wren Hughes, we created a project which involved community members anArts Council England, Fusion and Oxford City Council logosd ourselves responding to the theme of ‘transition’. We ran art workshops during November and December 2007. June 10-28 we had an Exhibition at The North Wall Gallery, South Parade, Oxford, showing photography, installations, sculpture and drawings. This project was funded by the Arts Council, England and Oxford City Council and was supported by FUSION an Oxford Community Arts Agency. My personal work has since been re-exhibited , West Oxfordshire Arts, Bampton Gallery July 2009.